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Peaks & Dales Advocacy
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16 Eagle Parade Buxton Derbyshire SK17 6EQ
Telephone 07986242382
C A N YOU HELP..... The "Opportunity To Speak" project is in immediate need of a venue to meet. If you can help please contact Ann Young "

Peaks and Dales Advocacy (PADA) is a registered charity and has been active in the High Peaks and Dales since 1988. For the best part of thirty years PADA provided an independent service supporting vulnerable and marginalised people in the High Peaks and Dales to voice their wants, needs and aspirations to those in authority.

In April of 2017 the one-to-one advocacy function of PADA reduced due to changes in Health and County Council funding.

As a consequence of this PADA  concentrated successfully on community projects which facilitate informed choice and community involvement.

Things are changing from September 2018 when "Advocacy for Living" becomes live. Peter has written about this exciting development here.

"For the past twelve months PADA has been re-constituted to cover the whole of Derbyshire and though it is currently a smaller organisation than it was, the potential for growth, and the commitment to good quality, person-centred service has never waned."

~Peter Dawson ~

New funding for continued expansion and innovation is constantly sought.

Peter Dawson

Advocacy Musings.  

At the end of November 2017 Peter Dawson pictured above had a serious accident, was hospitalised and had a "new" hip to replace the one damaged beyond repair.   While frustrated at his lack of  mobility he started to write  articles on the current state of advocacy and even after his recovery the series continues.

These are all worth a read and can be accessed from the links below:

Peter's First Article

December 2017 Peter wrote an article which intriguingly starts " Do you know the River Manifold? It is a beautiful, fresh, clear river ....." To continue reading this click below

Full article

Peter's second article

Entitled "Advocacy Musings for a new Year" written in January 2018, started "It seems to be just this time of year that many people (the media in particular) look back over the year that is going or has just gone and look forward to the one that is beginning. In that way we are,...To continue reading click below

Full article

Peter's third article

"Musings for February" he asks the question:

How much does an advocate need to know? To continue reading this which I recommend click below

Full article

Peter's fourth article

In "Advocacy Musings for March" he introduces us to his elderly aunt and her sayings related to weather, to continue reading about this wise lady . click below 

Full article

Peter's fifth article

In "Advocacy Musings for April" Peter introduces us to Rose and her road crossing skills in London , to continue reading about Rose and Peter's thoughts. click below 

Full article

Peter's sixth article

In "Advocacy Musings for May 18 Twelve months on! "
Peter reviews the life of P.A.D.A some 12 months after the closure
of the  PADA office for the last time. To continue reading this very personal account click below 

Full article

Peter's seventh article

In "Advocacy Musings for June 18" Peter welcomes summer and the lovely aspects it brings to our lives. To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Peter's eighth article

In "Advocacy Musings for July 18" Peter discusses the type of Advocacy PADA is again providing. To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Peter's ninth article

In "Advocacy Musings for August 18 Peter is in a serious mood and comments on equality and inclusivity.  To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Peter's tenth article

In "Advocacy Musings for September 18 Peter the poet is in reflective mood looking forward to Autumn.  To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Peter's eleventh article

In "Advocacy Musings for October 18 Peter asks the question "Are you an Advocate" and then suggests you probably are.  To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Peter's twelth article

In "Advocacy Musings for November 18 Peter tells us some guilty secrets from his youth.  To continue reading this click below 

Full article

Our exciting new projects include:

Community Solutions, Opportunity to Speak. and Friendship First.

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Community Solutions is our new project and aims to connect people into their local communities. The project is for anyone between the age of 18+ .living in a small town, village or in the countryside in the High Peak and North Derbyshire Dales who is feeling isolated or lonely and may be at risk of developing mental health issues.

To read more about this project click here.

Opportunity to Speak.

Opportunity to Speak was set up by Peaks and Dales Advocacy as a small group to enable people of all ages to have a say in their community and talk about their lives and wishes for their future.

To read more about this project click here

Opportunity to Speak.

Friendship First has been facilitated by Peaks & Dales Advocacy for many years. We want to start again but in a slightly different way.

To read more about Friendship First click here


Peter Dawson: or via his mobile telephone 07954025005.

Ann Young:
or via her mobile 07986242382


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Allen lane Foundation.

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Peaks & Dales Advocacy are rising  like a Phoenix  out of the ashes

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